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You don't store music on tape, why company data? Cloud backup for UAE

Posted by Dominic Docherty   May 22, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Making the case for cloud backup UAE (BAAS UAE)

tape_backup_uaeBackup is an intensive process that can put a lot of stress on infrastructure. It touches every part of the environment; from local storage on a server, through that server’s CPU and memory, down the network, past the switches and into another form of storage media.

Every stage of this process has to go right for the backup to complete successfully. Add to this the challenges around inter-compatibility between different systems and the task of managing backup can quickly become hugely time consuming. This is primarily because infrastructure is typically built it stages, over time. Investment comes incrementally, and as the business acquires different products, the idea of acquiring a single backup solution that caters to all of them can seem increasingly remote. However, newer services are getting better at offering an integrated experience; it just comes down to finding a provider with the right offering.

What’s available today?

Making the case for cloud backup in the Middle East or BaaS (Backup as a Service)

These challenges alone go some way to explaining the difficulties many organizations are having in finding and procuring an effective backup solution. However, placed within a wider context – namely, against the back drop of the biggest technological shift to happen in the last 25 years – and it’s clear that many accepted best practices backup strategies need to adapt, fast.

Cloud computing in the Middle East has had a dramatic effect on the variety and quality of technology services available to businesses. Instant access to enterprise-grade computing resources has become ubiquitous because there’s no real barrier to entry anymore – up-front cost and skill requirements are negligible. To put it simply, where IT is not a core competency for the business, it can be outsourced relatively easily to external service providers.

At the other end of the scale, cloud in the Middle East is enabling larger organizations to redeploy the internal resources typically associated with mature IT departments away from operational tasks and towards innovation. As such, many organizations are turning to cloud service providers (CSPs) to deliver more strategic, scalable and cost-effective backup services that otherwise might be too costly to acquire.

Time to press stop on tape?

Historically, magnetic tape drives have been a highly reliable and cost effective format for storing backup data. Even compared with newer disk-based formats, tape storage remains competitive in capacity and still boasts the lowest cost per GB, at an average of $.01/GB. Indeed, as recently as 2011, Google made headlines by restoring the mailboxes of 40,000 Gmail users from tape.

However, cost-effectiveness alone isn’t a compelling enough reason to rely on tapes – their reliability must be considered in context with newer cloud-based backup and archive platforms. Their sensitivity as a media requires very specific storage conditions to be readable over time – temperature, light and moisture must all be carefully controlled. Re-usability is also a factor, as tapes tend to wear out after around 5000 writes.

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