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Managing Costs and Simplifying IT Infrastructure in the UAE and Dubai

Posted by Dominic Docherty   May 8, 2014 10:00:00 AM

cloud computing uae dubaiDo you need your IT infrastructure to deliver greater value and respond faster to shifts in business demands?

The cloud is a new model for buying information technology at a vastly reduced per-user cost. It can help reduce your provisioning and delivery budgets and increase your speed to ROI. It can help you standardize, simplify and centralize your infrastructure and applications. It can also help cut capital expenses when you need to build temporary capacity.

By leveraging the cloud, you will find the flexibility to act quickly when things change. And you will be better able to keep pace with shifts in IT skills and knowledge.

Manage costs and maximize ROI 

Cloud means you can transfer the burden of software and hardware financing and management to highly qualified specialists, increasing your ability to scale to suit changing business conditions. Cloud is a fully Opex based purchase with no Capex required.

Standardize and simplify infrastructure and applications

Solutions such as CloudHPT provide central, tested and standardized responses to the challenges of complex environments. Moving to the cloud can simplify procurement; reduce the risks associated with complexity and make remote access to your systems and applications easier.

Respond flexibly to business drivers

The cloud can help you:

  • Match supply to demand with minimal forecasting and no engineering for peak loads
  • Add or subtract any number of services in a matter of hours
  • Adapt your IT response to drive growth in new markets
  • Test, pilot and develop new products by accessing short-term firepower
  • Provision IT infrastructure rapidly and cost-effectively

Keep pace with IT skills and knowledge

With a growing shortage of skilled IT workers expected in the years ahead, it is unwise to invest in technology that requires special training or dedicated management resources. Equally, it does not make financial sense to retain highly skilled IT staff just to deal with peak loads. By taking your technology to the cloud, you can leverage critical expertise when you need it, allowing your people to focus on the core services that drive your competitive advantage.

CloudHPT can help

CloudHPT is the leader in Cloud computing in the Middle East and North Africa. CloudHPT is built and hosted in the UAE. Not only can we help simplify your IT and increase your ROI, but we can also offer the levels of security, performance and availability that are critical in the cloud.

At CloudHPT, we will help you find the right cloud for your business. If you would like to learn more, contact us here, we would love to hear from you!

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