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Disaster Recovery as a Service for the Middle East - DR you can afford

Posted by Dominic Docherty   Jun 1, 2014 10:00:00 AM

For the longest time, disaster recovery for firms in the UAE was a rich man’s game.

Until recently, the costs of effectively protecting against disruption (caused by extreme weather, power outages, hardware failure, and connectivity issues or otherwise) have been prohibitively expensive for all but the largest organizations.

This is because traditional disaster recovery solutions required a 1:1 reproduction of the live environment (running continuously in parallel) to provide effective failover. For large environments, the costs of ownership easily run in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

But that was then, this is now. Cloudhpt offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in the UAE for all the Middle East.  It might already be a cliché, but cloud computing in MENA, really has changed everything – particularly for DR with DRaaS. The advent of cloud services in the UAE & Middle East has not only made Disaster Recovery & DRaaS services more affordable, it’s radically improved their quality.

Traditional Disaster Recovery in the Middle East was based on dedicated-infrastructure which simply can’t match the economies and recovery times offered by today’s cloud-based recovery services. This isn’t to say that costs have become negligible, or indeed, that disaster recovery has become something businesses willingly divert budget to. Cloud Infrastructures in the UAE is more affordable for businesses today, but many still regard DR as an ongoing expense that will never be capable of generating revenue.  It’s an insurance policy you never want to cash in, but when you do, it’ll save your life.

That second part is true enough; disaster recovery won’t make you any money. But it’s never been cheaper for businesses to use cloud computing in the Middle East, to ensure they can avoid the enormous (and sometimes fatal) costs of disruption, should it occur. To paraphrase one analyst, it’s an insurance policy you never want to cash in, but when you do, it’ll save your life.

The move to cloud recovery in the Middle East, at its core, is about ensuring the continuous delivery of IT services throughout disruption, and the virtualization and abstraction of computing resources has made this task exponentially easier.

disaster recovery as a service middle east

Historically, smaller businesses replicated systems and data onsite, increasing availability and resiliency, but leaving little budget to devote to offsite disaster recovery services. With no second site to failover to, the production environment effectively only existed on backup media, offering little in the way of business continuity and doing nothing to protect against fires, flooding, theft or any other site-specific disaster.

Consequently, one of the main appeals of cloud-based disaster recovery services for the UAE over traditional methods is the relative ease with which businesses of all sizes can access secondary, offsite locations for a fraction of the normal price.
But the value of cloud-based DR extends beyond having a physically safer location to recover from. DRaaS from CloudHPT for instance makes disaster recovery UAE, extremely simple as well as instant and affordable.

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