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Could you improve up time and cost with cloud-based disaster recovery?

Posted by Dominic Docherty   Aug 24, 2015 10:51:04 AM


Cloud-based disaster recovery gets you back to business as usual: faster.


When IT disasters happen, like power outages, floods or fires, downtime and loss of critical apps is inevitable—wasting IT time and impacting business productivity.

So what’s the best way to rapidly get back up and running? The answer is CloudHPT Disaster Recovery, which:

  •          Seamlessly integrates with your existing vSheper or Hyper-V environment to protect your data and apps
  •          Eliminates the need for a second disaster recovery site
  •          Scale with ease to accommodate change and growth
  •          Keeps your data in the UAE in a T3+ DC
  •          Connects over VPN ADSL for cost effective connectivity

Why not explore new ways to provide the comprehensive protection and resilience your organization needs?

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