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It’s time to press stop on Tape Backup and use BaaS in the Middle East.

Posted by Dominic Docherty   May 25, 2014 11:00:00 AM

issues_tape_backup_baas_uaeRegardless of the alleged capacity, performance, reliability and durability of the backup media, the real test of a backup solution – indeed, the sole purpose of it – is how easily it is restored and recovered. However, in a recent survey conducted by data recovery specialists Kroll Ontrack, 60% of the 600 respondents experienced some form of data loss despite using a backup solution. Several common scenarios were identified for the unexpected backup failures.

  • Backup windows were not automated and thus prone to inconsistencies and human error
  • Backup windows scheduled at times when target computer not on/unavailable
  • Backup software failed
  • Backup ran out of destination space
  • File lost before scheduled backup

However, it would be unfair to frame failed backups solely as a consequence of inferior tools. The truth is that with the unrelenting pace at which new data is being created (and retained as mandated by regulatory obligations) storage has become incredibly complex in the race to keep up.

This is because organizations are rarely able to build a standardized storage infrastructure from a blank slate. Investments come incrementally, with little consistency between different vendors. In the real world, storage is messy, and if the provider can’t cope with that, backup can be too.

The Alternative to Tape – Cloud backup (in the UAE)

Cloud Backup (in the Middle East) allows companies to back up their data to the cloud and to and store it safely offsite. As the pace of business moves ever faster companies are generating more and more data, backup has gone from being important to now being critical – the truth is without data, there is no business – tape backups are no longer suitable. Cloud backup of BaaS (Backup as a Service) takes a daily backup and keeps historical copies to ensure data is never lost.

Cloud-based offsite server backup approaches that enable instant recovery are much better than the tape, since a tape solution will take longer to recover data (if even possible). In most data loss or disaster scenarios. Whether it is a natural disaster or a simple admin mistake, data recovery is the true goal of offsite server backup.

Our UAE based cloud backup solution can offer companies the Middle East the following advantages:

  • Faster Recovery Depending on your setup and the amount of data you’re backing up you can restore a ruined Windows machine in as little as five minutes.
  • Eliminate Downtime Virtualize your backup images on the fly, even in our cloud, to keep operations running while you’re waiting for new hardware or pre-stage your recovery in a virtual machine so you recover with a click of a button.
  • Keep Your Data Safe Get reliable, pristine backup images of every Windows machine in your organization regardless of whether it’s a server, a desktop/laptop, or a more specialized application server, like SQL or Exchange.

•Save data locally and remotely.

  • Monitor Your Network Keep an eye on thousands of machines to streamline your backup and disaster recovery processes.
  • Always be sure your backups are running and fix problems before they happen.
  • Manage Your Storage Space Make the most of your storage by setting customizable retention and consolidation rules for older backups.

•Keep old ones as archives and still have room for current data. Save Time and Resources Automate reliable backups, testing, and image validation.

•Run an award-winning backup and disaster recovery solution without the need for dedicated headcount.

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